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Second Open Gym

Posted Monday, April 19, 2010 by Jeff Huneau
Players in attendance for Open Gym on April 18, 2010
Malcolm Shivers
Dereck Patterson
Malik Palmer
Nate Monson
Mike Galsuki
Eric Maxwell
Brett Hancock
Daishawne Sturdivant
Dan Dechiaro
Tyler Skaarup
Aj Cioffi
Drew- new guy, sorry didn't know the last name.

What I learned from the first open gym...
1) Malcolm shot the ball real well especially off the dribble.
2) Malik good be an awesome defender, he has to saty disciplined to staying with his man and being in help position.
3) Nate's team was overmatched at times but played the right way.  Played some good offense!
4) Galuski did a lot of good things on the floor.  Set screens and talked on defnese and offense.
5) We still play no defense!  Coaches team showed how you help on the best players.
6) We are still individuals playing a team game.  Malcolm's team just stood on offense and played one on one basketball for most of the night.  Some of them have the ability to do that, but we can make it easier on each other by setting screens, then when you come off the screen you can do your thing.  Coaches team screened and got guys open all night.  We started doing it at the end of the night and it was successful.
7) Still no leader has emerged, someone has to step up and be a leader.
8) We are getting it slowly but we are getting it.  It is only April.
9) Did you see how the coaches spread the floor when pressured, very important!

Next open gym Tuesday at 7:00 pm

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